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Water, the oldest of ointments

The project uses art and science to create new information about Finnish folklore related to water and waterways.

Client: Finnish Freshwater Foundation
Year: 2022
Designer: Pekka Piippo ✕ Sebastian Lindberg

Water, the oldest of ointments


The project by the Finnish Freshwater Foundation (Suomen Vesistösäätiö) and financed by the Kone Foundation investigates the folklore related to water bodies using the means of art and science. “Vesi vanhin voitehista” (‘Water, the oldest of ointments’) comes from Kalevala—the Finnish national epic poetry compiled in 1835.

The logo and the patterns take inspiration from the painting style of the artist involved in the project, Sebastian Lindberg.

”Hourunkoski”, Sebastian Lindberg, 2016

The website under the Finnish Freshwater Foundation domain tells more about the campaign.

Everyone is welcome to take part in the campaign. The information is processed using methods of cultural studies, natural sciences and arts.

Visually distinct communication materials stand out in different situations.

The material bank shared with the client contains all the necessary files for implementing communication.