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Virtual Art Gallery

Identity for a service that enables art galleries create digital exhibitions.

Client: Arilyn / Robust North Oy
Year: 2021
Designer: Pekka Piippo

Virtual Art Gallery


Art galleries can now bridge the gap between the physical & online art experience with Virtual Art Gallery. The service created by the augmented reality (AR) pioneer Arilyn allows art buyers and enthusiasts alike to enjoy an immersive art experience, from the safety of their own location.

The service was launched with a serie of five exhitions “Layers × Dimensions.”, assembled by the curator Aura Seikkula. The virtual exhibition spaces can be infinitely adapted to the specific needs of the exhibiton.

· Victoria Udondan / 2021 March 17th
· Reima Nevalainen / 2021 March 24th
· Jurgen Ots / 2021 March 31st
· Kristiina Uusitalo / 2021 April 7th
· Jari Silomäki / 2021 April 14th

The logo connects the letters A and R of each word, subtly highlighting the nature of the service – Augmented Reality. The lines create a sense of space.

The logo adapts to different situations with different weights and variations. Flexibility is one of the central parts of the service.

The letterforms were finetuned to different weights.