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Printing Industry

Identity for a trade organisation for Finnish companies within the printing industry.

Client: Graafinen Teollisuus ry
Year: 2023
Website technical implementation: La&La
Designer: Pekka Piippo

Federation of the Printing Industry in Finland


The project started as an update for the website but developed into an update of the visual identity.

The Federation of the Printing Industry in Finland (Graafinen Teollisuus ry) represents an industry with a turnover worth about one billion. The logo consisting of the name’s Finnish initials, G and T, paints a picture of how skill and business intersect.

The business card is printed using an old letterpress method. While the paper gets coloured, it sinks deeper. The edges of the one-millimetre thick paper are tinted with a brand colour.

The federation helps its members certify their service’s quality and become environmentally friendly.

The arc-like shapes on the website background resemble the most common printing method that uses four colours: cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The appearance and user interface of the website adapts to different browsers and devices.

Website technical implementation: La & La 

The presentation template contains multiple backgrounds and layouts to choose from. It makes it easy for the customer to create distinctive and memorable presentations.

All brand specifications—logos, colours, typefaces, illustrations and on-brand photography—are packaged into a material bank with downloadable files.