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A selection of posters throughout the years.

Year: 1995—


Client projects and social commentary

A poster celebrating the centre for culture and well-being of the former Lapinlahti psychiatric hospital area (2023).

Competition poster for the ”Save Lapinlahti with a poster” exhibition, depicting how international development projects are threatening the future of the Lapinlahti cultural and well-being hub district (2023).

The Shanghai Design 10 ✕ 10 Global Invitation Poster Exhibition, China Arts Museum in Shanghai (2022).

Invitational poster initiative and exhibition with nine Finnish graphic designer, themed “Energy”. The poster has hidden words: “life” and “energy” (2021).

“Debate”, an event for frank and honest discussion held at the Theatre Academy of Finland (2007).

An invitational poster competition for an international nature film festival in Italy (1999).

Invitational poster exhibition for the general meeting of the Alliance Graphique Internationale (AGI) in Brazil. The poster has an European frog trying to copulate with a South American counterpart (2014).

”We are all connected”, invitational poster exhibition ”25 Years of International AIDS Awarness Posters”, Massachusetts College of Art and Design (2010).

Social commentary on the divisive politics in US (2019).

Social commentary on the multicultural nature of US (2019).

”Teaching the family values”, a social commentary on what kind of view Russia forces on human relationships. (2014).

A poster to commemorate the World War II resistance movement — a german shepherd becomes harmless (1997).

A play about Helmi Vartiainen, a spouse to abusive artist Tyko Sallinen (2003).

A performance in two acts, studying the contact a dancer has to ground. (2003).

A dance performance about how ill-conceived information affects us (2002).

A melange of jazz performances at Ateneum Hall (2003).

An exhibition in Milan showcasing the works of upcoming new names of Finnish design (1999).

A poster is in memory of the 22-year-old Iranian woman Mahsa Amini, who was arrested and killed by the authorities for not wearing her hijab correctly. Co-operation with Kari Piippo (2022).

Poster about the “Freedom of expression” for Amnesty International Finnish Section (2002).

A collection of events held around Japan, promoting Finnish culture and know-how (2003).