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Millennium Technology Prize

The preeminent one million euros award focused on technological innovations
for a better life.

Client: Technology Academy Finland
Year: 2022
Designer: Pekka Piippo

Millennium Technology Prize

Brand refresh

The client needed a brand refresh. I proposed they should not redesign their symbol—I think it still works perfectly. The animation has two relaxed cycles. The colours change with the same rhythm as breathing, aimed to be used for presentation intervals.

The Millennium Techonoly Prize’s symbol—human form with four arches—was designed by Ari Tenhunen in 2003.

Everything from logo filetypes to social media postings and guidelines for shooting photography and videos was structured into an easy-to-use material bank.

Production templates help adjust the letterhead designs to the chosen visuals.

Newsletter designs have five different visual sets to keep the style dynamic for the subsequent five award cycles.

A layout document with five sets of alternative visuals helps create an updated brochure.

Spatial designs with alternating visuals help to create a branded space.

All products should be sustainable and preferably produced in Finland. Lanyards, wooden giveaway trays and cotton bags carry the new visuals.