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JHL Social Democrats

Visual identity for a political group within a trade union.

Client: JHL
Year: 2014
Designer: Pekka Piippo

Designed during my years at Hahmo

JHL Social Democrats

Visual identity

JHL Social Democrats (‘JHL Demarit’) are a political group within JHL, the largest trade union for the welfare sector in Finland. The new logo resembles a rose, the international symbol for social democrats, and the acronym ‘JHL’ can be found within the shapes of the petals.

The logo was used to create an enamel pin.

An all-purpose lanyard was made as a simple handout and for the group’s representatives.

A set of roll-ups was made in two versions to create a pop-up space while avoiding excessive repetition.

A set of bilingual PowerPoint templates was created to support communications and make the group’s presentations easy to recognise.

A digital material bank was created to provide easy access to all the visual elements.