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Help the child, help the family

Updating the look for the social responsibility project.

Client: Lions Clubs International, MD 107 Finland
Year: 2023
Designer: Pekka Piippo

Help the child, help the family

Identity update

“Help the child, help the family”, developed by the Leo organization under the Lions Clubs International (MD 107 Finland), helps families who need aid. In 2013, the customer purchased usage rights for the previously used logo from an image bank. However, the client did not have exclusive usage rights to the logo, and the details needed updating. It was essential to keep a resemblance with the old logo and align the typeface with Lions Clubs International’s brand guidelines.

The logo needed to work in different languages.

With the renewal, the client got additional logo versions. Compositions in different formations make it easier to use the logo in different situations.

Previously the client needed a comprehensive list of high-quality files. As the project outcome, the customer got all the essential file formats necessary for communication and production.