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Branding for the Finnish Center of Integrity in Sports (FINCIS), an organisation responsible for anti-doping activities, the prevention of manipulation in sports competitions, and spectator comfort and safety.

Client: Finnish Center of Integrity in Sports (FINCIS)
Year: 2016
Designer: Pekka Piippo

Designed during my years at Hahmo

Finnish Center of Integrity in Sports (FINCIS)

FINCIS performs uncompromising work for clean and fair sports. The new logo reflects cleanness, equality, cooperation and openness.

The design of the business cards reflects how each employee has an important role in achieving the goals of FINCIS.

The interior design of the FINCIS offices continue the brand experience. The colour palette helps to structure the space and enhances cosiness. A uniform style in all brand touchpoints accentuates the feeling of consistency, reflecting how FINCIS operates in a consistent manner everywhere.