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Era of Abstraction

Client: Aalto ARTS Books / Aalto University
Year: 2021
Designer: Pekka Piippo

Era of Abstraction

Design of a doctoral thesis

The doctoral thesis of Laura Nissinen researches the concept of abstract art in Finnish photography. I designed the book and its layout.

An eight-part artwork* by Nissinen wraps around the cover and the page cut. The colour refers to this work, and the book title composition plays with an idea of an information label found in art galleries next to an artwork.

*)  This One’s for you, Andy: 9.6.2015 (Ilford HP4 35 mm developed in artist urine)

Each of the 248 pages has a unique slice of the fourth photographic print.

The layout plays with space, and the spread compositions vary.

An observant reader can find documentary photos of the research process hidden under the cover folds.