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Echoes of the Universe

Client: Teatro Productions Ltd
Year: 2022–2023
Graphic designer: Pekka Piippo

Echoes of the Universe

Graphic design for a movie

A full-length documentary film about contemporary composer Kaija Saariaho tells about her music and career. The film is directed by Riitta Rask and produced by Teatro Productions Ltd. The opening credits reflect the title “Echoes of the Universe”. The timing and rhythm of the animation accentuate the soundtrack.

The music on the title sequence is from Kaija Saariaho’s composition Vista, performed by the Helsinki City Orchestra and conductor Susanna Mälkki, during rehearsals at Helsinki Music Centre Musiikkitalo.

The poster features Maarit Kytöharju’s photo of Kaija Saariaho. The circular shape in the background is from the film, shot by Pekka Uotila.

The film’s text plans appear and disappear subtly. The end credits include all the creators and additional information about Saariaho’s career.

For the film distributor, there are separate materials for each digital platform.

The distributor is the Pirkanmaa Film Center.