Print design


New visual identity for a company offering algorithm-based investment services.

Anuuk Aromatic

Branding and packaging for a London-based company that develops, produces and sells wellness and aromatherapy products.

Aurelia Turbines Ltd

New visual identity for a company that produces and markets efficient small gas turbines.

Let’s play the organ

A campaign website was designed to help raise funds for a new organ for the Helsinki Music Centre.


Branding for the Finnish Center of Integrity in Sports (FINCIS), an organisation responsible for anti-doping activities, the prevention of manipulation in sports competitions, and spectator comfort and safety.


Branding for a digital service that allows cost-effective and highly customisable interior design for mass-produced housing.

Helsinki Music Centre

Branding for the new concert and event venue.

Helsinki Music Centre Foundation

New visual identity for a foundation that promotes and maintains live music culture, mainly at the Helsinki Music Centre.

Coat of Arms Stamp

A special stamp was designed to mark the 100th anniversary of Finnish independence.


Magazine design for ‘Free from Drugs’ association.